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We have now finished the  HMS Louvain pages, so there is a small amount of information about each crew member, we have also  found a few more of the crew. We are now looking for photo's of the crew and Ship to add to our pages, so if you would like to share your photo's with us or you have information that you would like added, please email us.

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Please support FirstLight Trust for Veterans in their Charity/Coffee Shops at 68 High Street, Gosport. 63 Newborough, Scarborough. 13 West Terrace, Redcar. Also visit their website to see how they can help you with practical help and advise for all Armed Forces Veterans and Emergency Service personal

Higgins Family

My Friends (Jenny Lawrence) Family Tree has been added to our site.

The following are some of the names found on her tree:


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Brownen Family


We are related to the Brownen family,

but there is a very small amount of information on our site.

This is because my uncle Trevor Brownen has spent years

researching the Brownen's and the credit should go to him.

so please visit Trevor's website at



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