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Memorial-101 High Street, Portsmouth






Photo taken by Courtney Salway



101 High Street was a Confectioners shop which cornered with Lombard Street, it is now where the Green is outside the Cathedral. This is where you will find the Memorial Plaque.

12 People from several families sheltered here on hearing the air raid sirens on Friday 10th January 1941. This was the night of the Portsmouth Blitz when 300 Bombers focussed on Portsmouth using St Thomas's Cathedral as a guide to the Dockyard.

171 people died that night, the Guildhall was destroyed and so was the Nave of the Garrison Church, along with many houses and shops.

Gone But Never Forgotten



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Isaac and Gergrude Barker/Baker

Isaac Thomas Baker born about 1873, in Portsea, Hampshire. He was 67 at the time of his death.

Gertrude Maud Baker born about 1879, in Gosport, Hampshire. She was 61 at the time of her death.

They were buried in Kingston Cemetery on the 17th Jan 1941.

Isaac married Gertrude Maud Jones about 1901 in Portsmouth.

National Probate to Adrian John Baker - Planning Engineer.

They lived at 101 High Street.

(According to several records their surname was Baker not Barker.)

Richard and Mary Clemens

Richard Thomas Clemens born about 1874 in Newquay, Cornwall. He was 67 at the time of his death.

Mary Elizabeth Clemens born about 1874 in Newquay, Cornwall. She was 67 at the time of her death.

They were buried in Milton Cemetery, in Portsmouth on the 20th Jan 1941.

Richard married Mary Elizabeth Moffatt on the 19th April 1897 in Newquay.

They lived at 101 High Street.

They had 2 children, Albert Reginald, and Violet Dorothea.



George Barnes

George Barnes, born about 1869. He was 71 at the time of his death. His body was found on the 10th January.

Lived at 101 High Street, Portsmouth.

National Probate to George Edward Llewellyn Barnes - Booking Clerk.





Peter Halson

Peter Edward Charles Halson, born about 1940. He was 11 months old at the time of his death.

Son of Edward Godstone. (born about 1898, died 1956) and Vera Margaret Halson (nee Ridge, born 24 May 1916, died May 1997 age 81).

Edward and Vera are buried together in Highland Road Cemetery, Portsmouth.

They lived at 38 High Street.

Peter is the Grandson of Charles and Annie Ridge.


John, Elsie and John Morris

John Albert Morris born about 1903. He was 38 at time of his death. As a child of 8, John lived at 35 Oyster Street, Portsmouth with his Father Henry, Mother Ellen and 4 siblings, Alice, Henry, Joseph and Thomas.

Elsie Morris born about 1916, she was 24 at time of her death. Daughter of Ada Lanlo (formerly White) and the late Sidney White.

John Morris born about 1939, he was 2 at the time of his death.

John married Elsie White in 1937 in Portsmouth.

They lived at 101B High Street.


Charles, Annie and Ruby Ridge

Charles Ridge born about 1883. He was 58 at the time of his death.

Annie Ridge born about 1891. She was 50 at the time of her death.

Charles married Annie Stacey in 1913 in Bedford, Bedfordshire.

Ruby Ridge born about 1927 in Portsmouth. She was 14 at the time of her death. Ruby was best friends with Isobel Clemens, who is the Granddaughter of Richard and Mary Clemens.

They Lived at 101 High Street.


Winifred and George Andrews

Winifred Sophie Irene Andrews born about 1897 wife of Lionel George Andrews. She died in Lombard street, just round the corner from High Street, at the age of 44 with her 15 year old son George Keith Andrews. They both lived at 101 High Street. Winifred's body was found on the 18th January.

National Probate to Lionel George Andrews - Able Seaman - Royal Navy.

Winifred (nee Barnes) married Lionel in 1923 in Portsmouth.


Photo taken by Courtney Salway


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