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Royal Green Jacket Verse

Below is the  incomplete RGJ verse, if anyone can fill in

the blanks please email:


Ken and Carrie-Ann

It will be very much appreciated.


During the security of childhood can be found the Green Jacket.

The Green Jacket is a complicated creature; He is a millionaire without a bob, a maverick without a pack of cards, laziness with a grin, conservative by persuasion, loyalist by nature.


He is naturally short in stature but long on guts, he sometimes loses but strives never to give in, he should have a good eye for trouble, but at the *********or serving from them, lying or dancing on them, but more than likely swinging from them.


His likes are:

 Ladies, Women, Girls, Mothers, Wives, Sisters, Daughters, Aunts, girlfriends, Grandmothers and any members of the opposite sex, but not always in that order.


His dislikes are:

RAF, Navy Police, Army food, Cabbage mechanics, Unions, Parliamentarians of any shape or form or orders of any kind.



The Code of Conduct


A Green Jacket lives strictly within a code of conduct known as the soldiers 10 commandments****************all others 


1.  Thou shalt not steal thy comrades kit least thy sins be visited upon by the quickness of the hand that blacketh the eye.


2. Thou shalt humour thy paymaster so that thy credits be as numerous as the sand of Egypt


3. Thou shalt not park your arse in the Cos. Office as this greatly angers the RSM. The God of Thunder.