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Military Memorial




George Spratt Viney Senior

      A Royal Marine Veteran who was fighting in Britain`s battles in the eighteen seventies, he was interred at Ann`s Hill Cemetery, in the person of  Mr George Spratt Viney, who died at his residence, 65 Leesland Road, Gosport, England, at the age of 75 years.
Mr Viney, who was a native of  Litton, Dorset, England joined the RMLI at Salisbury, England, in January 1875, and was shortly afterwards posted to Forton Barracks, Gosport, Hampshire, England. In December 1877, he landed with the Naval Brigade. in the campaign against the Kaffirs, which lasted until the following March, and in November 1878, he was a member of the Naval Brigade which operated against the Zulus, and was engaged until July 1879. For these Campaigns, he was awarded a medal with clasp. 1881 he was serving on HMS Duke Of Wellington and in 1890 George was serving on HMS Volage, after this he served on various other ships and retired from the service in 1896. He entered Portsmouth Dockyard shortly after his retirement from the Corps, but November 1908 he fell from a staging into a dry dock, and received multiple injuries from which he never  fully recovered.
The service which was conducted by Rev. M Rich, was semi-military. Marines from Eastney Barracks acting as pall bearers, whilst the coffin was enveloped in a Union Jack. A Marine Bugler sounded the last post.
George Spratt Viney was buried on the 10th Febuary 1932, Interment number 28475, Plot 154, Space 60. George shares a double grave with his wife Selina Ann Viney nee Crawford who was buried on the 16th January 1940, Interment Number 31677.



George Spratt Viney Junior

       Some of the following details have been taken from George Spratt Viney`s Certificate of Service for Royal Marines and some has been taken from the Marriage Certificate.
George joined the RMLI as a Bugler on the 17th August 1912 at the age of 15 years. He was in F company, Portsmouth Division. On Enlistment as a boy he was 5 foot 2 and a half inches tall, with a dark complexion, brown eyes and brown hair, he had 2 scars on the right side of his head and a scar on his left ring finger.
From the 1st June 1913 to the 6th November 1913 George served on the `Prince of Wales`. On the 12 November 1913 he was Invalided out of the RMLI,. but re-enlisted on the 15th Febuary 1914. George was awarded Third Class Certificate of Education on the 3rd September 1912, and Second class Certificate of Education on the 1st December 1914 by the Royal Marines. He also received two swimming certificates, one on the 8th November 1912, and one on the 23rd November 1914.   On the 27th March 1922 George received two War Medals.
On the 3rd December 1921 at the age of 24 years George married Olive Hutchinson, at the registry office in Alverstoke, Hampshire, England. The witnesses were T. Hutchinson and R. W. Grinaivay. George and Olive had five children and they  were married for nearly 59 years, George died on the 13th September 1980 and was cremated at Portchester Crematorium, Hampshire, England. Olive died on the 27th February 1990, and was cremated on the 9th March 1990 at Portchester Crematorium, Hampshire, England


William James Viney

        Born 11th July 1899 in Gosport Hampshire, England. Son of George Spratt Viney and Selina Ann Viney. William had 8 siblings. William grew up in Gosport, living at 77 Leesland Road in 1901, then at 65 Leesland Road in 1911. Enlisted in RMLI on the 7th November 1913. William went down with HMS Louvain, in the Mediterranean Sea on the 20th January 1918. The memorial is situated on Southsea Common, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, overlooking the promenade. Panel 30 Row 3. Rank at time of death was Private, his number was PO/17013.



Thomas Hutchinson

       War Graves Commission  Rank: Private, PO/21149. RMLI. Interned at Ann`s Hill Cemetery, Gosport, Hampshire, England. Died on the 8th April 1920.  Thomas shares a double grave with his wife, Emily Rose Hutchinson, nee Hickton.


Albert Edward Viney

        War Graves Commission. Rank: Marine, PO/21511, Royal Marines. Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire........... Reference/Panel number 59 row 2.  The Memorial is situated on South Sea Common, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, overlooking the sea. Albert went down with HMS Hood  on the 24th May 1941.  


Henry Charles Dunford

        War Graves Commission. Stoker 1st Class. SS/111498, Royal Navy..........Reference/Panal number 18. The Memorial is situated on South Sea Common, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.  Henry went down with HMS Queen Mary in the North Sea at the Battle of Jutland on Wednesday 31st May 1916 at the age of 25. Son of John Thomas and Sarah Ann Dunford of Ivy Cottage, Portesham, Dorchester, Dorset, England.



John Dunford

       War Graves Commission. Petty Officer Stoker 304107, Royal Navy..........Reference/panel number 16. The Memorial is situated on South Sea Common, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. John went down with HMS Black Prince in the North Sea at the Battle of Jutland on Wednesday 31 May 1916 at the age of 30. Son of John and Emily Dunford, of Rodden Row, Abbotsbury, Dorset, England.


John Gasson

      War Graves Commission.  Private John Gasson  2nd Bn  Royal Warwickshire Regiment service number 1847. who died age 39 on 10 January 1915. His name appears on panel 2 and 3, on the Ploegsteert Memorial which stands in Berks Cemetery Extension. Son of John and Rachal Gasson, of 12 School Road, Ore, Hastings, England husband of Matilda Gasson, of 11 Court, 4 House, Blew St, Birmingham, England.