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Our Ship Connections


HMS Hood  - Albert 'Ted' Edward Viney Died 24th May 1941.


The Hood was a ship that is still remembered today. She was a fast, beautiful ship, but her armour was thin.  She was a battle cruiser weighing 48,360 tons, when fully equipped.
She was sunk on the 24th May 1941, by the Bismarck at the Denmark Strait, 1,400+ brave men lost their lives that day, with only 3 survivors.
For more information on the ship and crew visit the HMS Hood Association site.

HMS Queen Mary - Henry Charles Dunford Died 31st May 1916


The Queen Mary was was a Battle Cruiser, weighing 27,250 tons,  she was launched in 1912, but was sunk at 16:25 on the 31st May  1916, after receiving direct hits from 2 Germans ships, Seydlitz and Derfflingerat at the Battle of Jutland. 1,266 men lost their lives.


HMS Black Prince  - John Dunford Died 31st May 1916.

The Black Prince was a Duke of Edinburgh class Armored Cruiser which was built at Thames Iron Works. she was completed March 1906, and was sunk on 1st June 1916 at the battle of Jutland.