Gaunt and Salway Family Tree

Thank You

Our many thanks to the following people, without them we

would not  have got so far so quick


Our first thank you must go to Carrie-Ann's Uncle ......... Trevor Brownen
He has helped us so much, from the start. We contacted him when we first decided to research our family and he told us everything we needed to know, and advised us greatly. He also put up with Carrie-Ann asking him loads and loads of questions. (He needs a medal for that alone).  All his help, advice and patience is greatly appreciated.

Most of the the Brownen research on this site came from Trevor.

We would like to say a Great  big thank you to Ken's mum .........Thelma De-Bourne nee Viney. She provided us with loads of information and photo's on the Viney's and Hutchinson's, we also  had her racking her brain for everything she could remember. We really appreciate all her help, and we must add that she is a wonderful mum.
 This is an added thank you to Thelma for going out of her way, by phoning and writing to relatives for more family information on the Gouge, Viney and De-Bourne families.


Eighty one year old Donald Walter Gaunt , (Carrie-Ann's granddad) deserves a great big thank you, for all his hard thinking and work on the Gaunt's information. He gave us a really good start to the Gaunt's branch.
Ken`s  cousin Joyce  deserves a big thank you, for the information on the Salway`s and Rogers. the information she provided helped start research on the Rogers surname.
A great big thank you goes to Penny Simmons who lives in Australia, for so much help and information on the Gaunt`s. Penny provided us with loads and loads of information on the Gaunt`s, she also confirmed some information we already had which helped greatly. Penny has also provided us with information on Simmons and Stewart. Penny has spent a lot of time doing research.


 We would like to say thank you to Sandra Taylor nee Ellerington who lives in Australia, she was most helpful with the information on the Ellerington family.


A thank you must go to Jenny Viney nee Whitcher and Paul Viney, for more information on the Viney`s
Jenny - R.I.P

Paul - R.I.P

We would like to thank Kerry Cheshire (nee Jones) for the information which she provided on the Cheshire Family


Thank you to Robin Jones for information which he provided on the Jones family, and for all the photos he has sent and information on the photos.


Kevin Smith From England gets a great big thank you for the information he gave us on the Viney family, and also the Dunford Family. Kevin very kindly sent us a copy of the Dunford Family tree, which when printed, covered twenty pages.

A Great big thank you to Liz Draper (nee Hodder) for all the info that she shared with us on the Dunford Family and also the info on the ships that some of the family served and died on.


Thank you so much to Paul Luddington for the information on the Luddington family.

We would like to thank Paul Cloutman for the information on the Cloutman family.
Thank you to Mr. A. Davey for the information on the Prust family.
A big thank you goes to Royal De-Bourne and Mornington De-Bourne for their contribution of information on the De-Bourne family.

Royal - R.I.P

We would like to say a big thank you to Audrey Clarke (nee Gouge) for providing us with information on the Gouge family.
Thank you to Rita Delany (nee Mackenzie) for all the information she provided on the Hutchinson's, Hickton's, Devaney's and Delany's.
Thank you very much to Mavis Dean (nee Viney) for all the information she gave us on Isaac Viney and his immediate family.
A thank you must go to Kathryn Redman (nee Salway) for all the photo's she provided us with and all the information on several different family names.
Thank you so very much to Gary Naden for all (lots) the information he has provided us with on the Mintz family.
We would like to say thank you very much to Alan Rose for all the information he provided us with (which was a lot) and for all of his help and time.
A big thank you to Sally Ryan Tomlinson, for all the information that she provided us with on the Salway family, also a great big thank you for breaking down our Salway brick wall, which has been bugging me for ages.
Thank you to Judy Smith for lots of help and lots of information she has provided us with on the Salway and Kent Families. She has found lots of information on the 1861, 1871, 1891 and 1901 Census which we did not have and has helped greatly.
We would like to thank Adrian Crotty for contacting us again with the list of names that we were missing from our  HMS Louvain Commemorative Page.


Finally a thank you to anyone else who has given us any help. If you are not mentioned above,

please email us and you will be added and we apologize to you in advance.

You may find your name is credited on the individual persons page.